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While devising campaigns for ‘SAVE TREE’, it became apparent that there was something amiss in the conventional tree plantation process which we were witnessing around us. Lots of tree plantation drives were being conducted on a regular basis but the survival rate of such saplings was quite low.

There were a lot of organizations / individuals participating in such initiatives and planting trees. Yet after a few days, all that remained of their efforts was some barely noticeable saplings. While this gesture is noble as also the intent of any and all such activities, what everyone seems to be missing out on is that a tree in a spot of dirt will only live so long and the success of these campaign’s lies in ensuring that these plants survive for posterity.

Tree Plantation is not a day’s passion but a duty like a Father/ Mother has while raising his/her child that span over years. There has to be only one way to describe this campaign – “ADOPT A PLANT”. Like any adoption, one can either adopt a plant another has sown/planted or take one up for the cause and adopt one through CST”S efforts.


It is the endeavour of CENTRE FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION(CST) to empower its fellow citizens with viable means of education & livelihood which enables the creation of a society that sustains environmental responsibility.


To fulfil its vision, CENTRE FOR SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION(CST) mission is to build a team of empowered and responsible individuals who are equipped and willing to contribute to the life of their communities and to the environmental and social well-being of India.

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